In July 1991, luckily I got a copy of the third edition printed in 1911, of the book titled ‘Short Account Of The Life And Works Of Rai Jeewan Lal Bahadur’ written by my grand father, Lala Maharaja Lal Saheb in 1895. The book gave a vivid description of our ‘KAKRANEAH KAYASTHA MATHUR FAMILY’. It traced history of very learned and highly respectable personalitites, who held very responsible, honourable and pivotal positions not only, in the society, but also, in various governments, from the reign of Mughal Emperors Shahjahan & Aurangzeb to the British Era, covering a period of 4 to 5 centuries.

The concluding paras of the Author’s introduction chapter, vindicated his expectations from his descendents to maintain the Family’s HIGH TRADITIONS of affection, sacrifice, devotion to duty, sincerity, humanity, service to the family and the society.

Inspired by these aspirations, I decided to do my duty towards this end and live upto my grand father’s expectations as best as I could.

The span of over 104 Years since the publication of the 1st edition of the above book had brought about an immense change in the social standards and the filial attitude of the society. The ties of relationship are not that cordial as it used to be in the olden days. Hard conditions of life, don’t give them the scope for get-togethers. The breaking up of joint families & living separately at distant places, spread over various continents, countries and even in far flung cities of India, added to the generation gap, which not only, made the contacts difficult, but also, created a veritable estrangement amongst the younger generations.

With a view to bridge this wedge of distance and estrangement, I ventured, to build up an academic link to knit the scattered family in one indivisible string.

To begin with, I circulated 50 photostat copies of LALA MAHARAJA LAL JI’S book amongst the present heads of the family of LALA MAHARAJA LAL JI. With it, I added a note to provide the family members with a media of contact and acquainting themselves with the ancestral lineage, I intended to compile the Family Directory of R.B. JEEWAN LAL JI.

The Directory in addition to the genealogical charts and family history also provides information about the Names, Addresses, Telephone numbers,  Fax numbers and Dates Of Births, Marriage Anniversaries, to enable the members to possess a ready reference and immediate uptodate media of contact.

The response to this request of mine was an over-whelming appreciation of the idea. Most of the Members provided me the required particulars, profiles and photographs.

I am grateful to all my family members who have assisted me in this mission with utmost attention and very helpful suggestions.