I have endeavoured to collect maximum information and tried to be in as concise a form as possible. The material provided to me by my family members and relations of the family being very useful, are being provided in the best possible way in this document.

The information in respect of the members of this document having been completed, I am publishing the Directory titled “Treasured Treatise Of The Family of RAI BAHADUR JEEWAN LAL JI “ (A Family Directory -1999).

Although, I spent eight long years & have corresponded with all possible members by sending over 3500 letters and over 500 fax messages, now on account of my ill health, I feel, further information's and corrections may not be possible and have decided to send the family document for printing.

There may be some short comings or lack of information for which I request to be excused.

In the end, I would request the family members of the younger and future generations, not only, to maintain the dignity and traditions of our revered and illustrious family, but also, to keep their contacts alive and continue updating the Directory, so that the mission of this humble compiler is fulfilled in this interest of family, community and great history of this great family in the times to come.

















DURG (INDIA)